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My US History mid-term is tomorrow night.

You'd think that US History would be easy...didn't we have US History just about every single semester in elementary and middle school? Wouldn't this stuff be repeat? Uh, no. But, it's a little more interesting to me now, as an adult, and I like how my professor knows all these little side notes that aren't in the history books.

I'm kind of annoyed at my professor though. I don't feel prepared for the mid-term at all. He gave us a paper of 9 different topics that 'could' be on the midterm. Out of the 9 topics, 5 will actually be on the midterm. Out of the 5, we only need to select 3 topics and write about them. Write an essay about them, that is. I understand this is a writing intensive course but I never expected to be writing essays ON the day of, in class, on our topics. It is aggravating to the tendinitis in my hand to write so much! It has taken me days to find the information for the topics to study between the text and my notes. And to have this information in my brain, to have to recall and write about the day of the midterm, annoys me. I would rather have papers to write and turn in and be graded on that! I would prefer a test that has me doing short answers, multiple choice or fill-in the blank type stuff instead. I can't wait for the class survey...I will have to remember to suggest that.
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I really hate it when people hear about my fender-bender and make me feel worse than I do when they tell me:

1.) you should have been more careful

2.) you should have given yourself more room

3.) you should have been paying attention

I swear I just want to go off. I feel bad as it was. I am always careful. Bottom line. I am always watching the road. I was not distracted, I was looking ahead, straight ahead, both hands on the wheel and I was not looking down or around at any time. I had my foot on my brake as I approached. The light was red, the cars were stopped, but before I got to them, the light turned green, they all started going forward, the guy in front of me went forward...I had simply caught up and filed in line behind him, and as we got to the intersection he stopped. I wasn't going fast, I mean, how fast does one go as they approach stopped cars at a red light anyways? The absolute moment I realized he had stopped I tried to stop, and my car did not stop. It all happened in sloooow motion...with me telling my car "stop. stop. stop. stop." It's like, I was slowly moving forward, because my car did not want to stop.

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Stage 2 Performance Package Upgrade Plans

I'm going to use some of our tax refund money to fix up my car. I'm going to upgrade my supercharger to a stage 2, and get new headlights. I'm not sure what HIDS grade or whatever it's called I want. I like the bluer color, especially since my car is blue. Probably in the 6,000 to 8,000 K range. 10K will make it purply and I don't want purple. Ew. I intend on using the police tags to my full advantage here, in case you are wondering if this is legal or not. LOL I know I'm driving anyone I talk to crazy, because upgrading my car is all I have been talking about here lately. Oh well! I love my car!
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Office Space

Twice I went to the copier today to clear someone's number of copies (15 and 20). If I find out who it is...

I haven't drank coffee in WEEKS. Mostly because I'd been feeling so nauseas and stuff, I didn't think my stomach could handle it. I brought in a tiny container of half and half, I guess it's a pint-size. I also keep a container of sugar in the cabinet. When I made myself a cup of instant coffee (which I noticed that container was half empty) I had JUST enough creamer left and barely any sugar left. Which means someone is helping herself to my shit and leaving JUST ENOUGH to act as if they didn't "use it all." I was so pissed if I find out who it is...I really don't mind if people use my stuff I guess, but it'd be nice if they could say, "oh by the way I used some sugar/creamer" or whatever...and bring some in to kind of "replace" it or something. I mean, that's what I would do...but I forget that I'm more considerate than other people. O_o

So, I brought home my container to refill the sugar and I'm bringing in another container for my creamer...and this time my name is on it. Our office isn't that large, only about 12 of us and less than that uses the kitchen, so it's one of them.

And, Workforce has a part-time employee, a 17 year old that works M-W-F from 11-4 pm to answer the phones and shit. Explain to me how she gets an hour lunch. I complained about it. The response was "oh it's unpaid." Yeah no SHIT but what the hell is the point to be here 11-4 if you are GONE for an hour in that time frame? She can't sit still for 5 hours? She's allowed to eat/drink/snack at her desk so its not like she is going to die.
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Office Space

I just came here to vent:

1.) Is there some book of rules or ettiquette somewhere for using the copier/printer?

We have to share ONE with several departments and I have a pet peeve of someone that will make 15-20 copies of ONE thing yet set it and walk away. I hate this for two reasons: 1.) the machine jams meanwhile they have no idea and it ties up the machine until they return. 2.) the machine is done copying and all their papers are in the way for me to use it. Yet they are MIA...

2.) My desk/cubicle is very neat and organized and that is a well-known fact in this office. The downside is that people are compelled and drawn to help themselves to the items on my desk: my pen, post-its, stapler, stapler remover--"just for a quick second."
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Grocery Game

I did some shopping last night:


8 Kleenex Tissue Boxes
8 Gillette Mens Deoderant
1 Child's Mucinex
1 Mints
2 Blistex Lip Medication/balm
1 2-Pack Pens
1 M&M Candy
2 Maxwell House Coffee Canisters
2 Photo Frames
1 Hallmark Card (it was a Boston Terrier pic)

Subtotal: $103.59
Coupons: $8.80
Sales: $30.57

Total Paid with tax: 64.22

I didn't walk in there with any intention on purchasing the photo frames, card or mints and candy so my total would have been better, but the frames were on sale.

At Giant I purchased 72 items:

Subtotal: $208.05
Store and coupon savings: $54.27

Total paid with tax: $154.36

I still have a TON of food left from Giant the last shopping trip. So this isn't too bad. Most of it was snacks and easy things for the boys to make since they are home this week from school.

I actually didn't stick to the list too much. I might not use the Grocery Game too much longer...it seems I could do it just by going through my coupons and sales fliers!