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Grocery Game

I did some shopping last night:


8 Kleenex Tissue Boxes
8 Gillette Mens Deoderant
1 Child's Mucinex
1 Mints
2 Blistex Lip Medication/balm
1 2-Pack Pens
1 M&M Candy
2 Maxwell House Coffee Canisters
2 Photo Frames
1 Hallmark Card (it was a Boston Terrier pic)

Subtotal: $103.59
Coupons: $8.80
Sales: $30.57

Total Paid with tax: 64.22

I didn't walk in there with any intention on purchasing the photo frames, card or mints and candy so my total would have been better, but the frames were on sale.

At Giant I purchased 72 items:

Subtotal: $208.05
Store and coupon savings: $54.27

Total paid with tax: $154.36

I still have a TON of food left from Giant the last shopping trip. So this isn't too bad. Most of it was snacks and easy things for the boys to make since they are home this week from school.

I actually didn't stick to the list too much. I might not use the Grocery Game too much longer...it seems I could do it just by going through my coupons and sales fliers!


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Nov. 22nd, 2006 03:37 am (UTC)
Oooh nifty savings :)

Hey now... if you stick to the list and stock up as you go it will work trust me. It takes about a good 12 weeks to get your NEED list gone and a great stockpile so you can be a cherry picker! Besides they don't advertise the phantom sales in the papers!
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