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May. 10th, 2013

I really hate it when people hear about my fender-bender and make me feel worse than I do when they tell me:

1.) you should have been more careful

2.) you should have given yourself more room

3.) you should have been paying attention

I swear I just want to go off. I feel bad as it was. I am always careful. Bottom line. I am always watching the road. I was not distracted, I was looking ahead, straight ahead, both hands on the wheel and I was not looking down or around at any time. I had my foot on my brake as I approached. The light was red, the cars were stopped, but before I got to them, the light turned green, they all started going forward, the guy in front of me went forward...I had simply caught up and filed in line behind him, and as we got to the intersection he stopped. I wasn't going fast, I mean, how fast does one go as they approach stopped cars at a red light anyways? The absolute moment I realized he had stopped I tried to stop, and my car did not stop. It all happened in sloooow motion...with me telling my car "stop. stop. stop. stop." It's like, I was slowly moving forward, because my car did not want to stop.



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May. 10th, 2013 05:08 pm (UTC)
Hey, car accidents are traumatic events. I was in a high state after each of my accidents (3). There's the incident, then the anxiety from all the incidentals,like dealing with adjusters and such.

The only SHOULD is friends should sympathize. Sheesh.

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