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October 15th, 2013

Oct. 15th, 2013

My US History mid-term is tomorrow night.

You'd think that US History would be easy...didn't we have US History just about every single semester in elementary and middle school? Wouldn't this stuff be repeat? Uh, no. But, it's a little more interesting to me now, as an adult, and I like how my professor knows all these little side notes that aren't in the history books.

I'm kind of annoyed at my professor though. I don't feel prepared for the mid-term at all. He gave us a paper of 9 different topics that 'could' be on the midterm. Out of the 9 topics, 5 will actually be on the midterm. Out of the 5, we only need to select 3 topics and write about them. Write an essay about them, that is. I understand this is a writing intensive course but I never expected to be writing essays ON the day of, in class, on our topics. It is aggravating to the tendinitis in my hand to write so much! It has taken me days to find the information for the topics to study between the text and my notes. And to have this information in my brain, to have to recall and write about the day of the midterm, annoys me. I would rather have papers to write and turn in and be graded on that! I would prefer a test that has me doing short answers, multiple choice or fill-in the blank type stuff instead. I can't wait for the class survey...I will have to remember to suggest that.


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